Contents of Japanese Yearbook of Private International Law
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■  Japanese Yearbook of Private International Law 16
New Legislation on the International Jurisdiction of Japanese Courts
―Evaluation from a Practitioner’s Perspective
On the Forthcoming Legislation for International Judicial Jurisdictionon Personal Status Litigations and Adjudications of Family Relations ;
a Judge’s View
A Possibility of Right-of-Personality Approach to Infringement of Moral Rights ……Y. HAGA
Accessory Connection by Escape Clause in Contractual Obligations
―Article 4( 3) of the Rome 1 Regulation
Extraterritorial Application on Private Antitrust Enforcement in the United States ……M. KIM
The New Private International Law of China
―Cases on the Choice of Law Rules in Contracts and Torts
……J. Yin
The Systematic Positioning of the Free Will of the Parties in Private International Law
―Historical Development from Savigny’s Theory on Seat( Sitz) of theLegal Relations to Modern Theory of Private International Law
Issues regarding International Jurisdiction over Trust Disputes ……M. TANAKA
Modern Banking Business on Japanese Law of Conflict of Laws
―in the Area of Inheritance Deposit and Credit Extension Businesses
…… K. ABE
Spontaneous Harmonization and the Liberalization of the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments …… B. ELBALTI
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