Background of the Private International Law Association of Japan
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@General Background of the Association

The Private International Law Association was formed as an academic organization on November 4, 1949 for the purpose of "enhancement of the study of private international law and promotion of cooperation with similar academic bodies overseas, as well as coordination among researchers of private international law" (Association Charter, art. 3). Thus, the Association consists of regular members who "are engaged in the study of private international law or its related subjects" (Charter, art. 5(1)). Moreover though, the Association is not limited to persons associated with educational research organizations such as universities and in fact includes many persons from the legal world such as practicing attorneys.

@General Activities and Administrative Structure of the Association

The Association's executive decision-making organization is the Board of Councilors. The Board consists of sixteen (16) members-the President and fifteen (15) Councilors-who execute the Association's work. The Association's audit is done by two Auditors selected from the Association's General Members. Further, an Internet Management Committee is assigned to administer this web site.

  President   Dogauchi, Masato
  Councilors   Oda, Yukiko ; Kanzaki, Tadashi ; Kitazawa Aki ; Sano, Hiroshi ;
  Shima, Takuya ; Takasugi, Naoshi ; Deguchi, Koji ;
  Dogauchi, Masato ; Nagata, Mari ; Nakanishi Yasushi ;
  Nakano, Shun'ichiro ; Nishitani, Yuko ; Nomura, Yoshiaki ;
  Hayakawa, Shin'ichiro ; Hayashi, Takami ; Yokomizo, Dai
  Procurator of the President in case of his/her accident   Yokomizo, Dai
  Secretary   Takeshita, Keisuke
Address   Office    Private International Law Association of Japan
   Waseda University Law School
   1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050, JAPAN
 Fiscal matters,
 including membership fees
   Private International Law Association of Japan
  Graduate School of Law Nagoya University
  Furo-cho, Chikusa Ward Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 464-0814, JAPAN
  Establishment   November 4, 1949
  Members (as of June 2014)   Regular Member (254); Supporting Member (2)
  Conferences   Once a year (in Spring)


The Association's executive decision

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